In 2013 New York State made history by becoming the first state in the nation to designate an entire month to the issue of gun violence.


Gun Violence Awareness Month was created in an effort to raise awareness surrounding the issue of needless and senseless gun violence in New York’s communities. The focus of this effort is to lead a bipartisan charge to concentrate annual heightened attention to gun violence and gun safety each June.


Different communities take different approaches to reducing violence and increasing safety; for example, Madison County in upstate New York, where they are strong supporters of the right to own weapons, will have a different viewpoint on how to reduce violence in their community than citizens who live in Brooklyn, New York. However, both communities would share the same goal – keeping their citizens and their community safe.


The goals of Gun Violence Awareness Month are:


  • to promote greater awareness about gun violence and gun safety
  • to concentrate annual heightened attention to gun violence during the summer months, when gun violence typically increases
  • to bring citizens and community leaders together to discuss ways to make our communities healthier

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